Top 10 Christmas Karaoke Picks

This time of year there are more than enough fabricated fallacies & hokey holiday folly. There is the annual mass marketing mugging from store selections & decorations we get as early as the day after Halloween, before we’ve even talked turkey or given thanks. Then 2015 gave us the silly Starbucks cup scandal and the banning of several seasonal staples for the use of anything even slightly religious. Even Hanukkah wasn’t clear of controversy when a certain department store pulled a Jewish version of the ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ tradition off their shelves for being offensive. It seems no one is safe from public scrutiny these days.

All of this tainting of the true spirit of the holidays may cause people to seek refuge from the banning bull and run for the hills, or to their favorite watering hole. And what better distraction from the drama then music? Timeless tunes that have been around for years, or even current chorales can offer one unmistakable thing: comfort. True comfort in the form of lasting lyrics, toe tapping melody & invigorating voices.

Holiday Karaoke – A Distraction from the Drama?

I attended karaoke night last night at a local tavern and although many people sang songs that are popular any time of year, it seems my date & I jumpstarted “Christmas Karaoke”. This form of festive frolic was available in many styles: contemporary pop songs, classic Christmas carols, and nonsensical novelty ditties. The two latter always seem to invoke a nice nostalgic feeling, whether you’ve heard them repeatedly on the radio or seen them performed in your favorite holiday shows. There are so many to choose from though, and with karaoke song books dying out in favor of digital designs, I needed a little help. I researched the top 50 Christmas songs widely sung in karaoke and I narrowed it down to ten that I find to be the most popular at this time of year:

1). “RockCindy and Marking Around the Christmas Tree” – This dance worthy delight is perennially peppy & always a crowd pleaser.
2). “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” – This oldie but goodie never fails to fan the warm flames of family & friends every year.
3). “All I Want for Christmas Is You” – A modern carol written in the ’90s that easily stands up to the most admired annual anthems of the ’50s.
4). “Little Drummer Boy” – This tune transcends tradition no matter who sings it, but the 1977 David Bowie & Bing Crosby version? Priceless.
5). “Wonderful Christmastime” – Repetitive? Yes. Structurally strange? That too, but it’s still pure pop, pure Paul & most importantly, mistletoe magic.
6). “Please Come Home for Christmas” – Earnest Eagles or a soulful Charles Brown? Heck, even Bon Jovi recorded a venerable version of this bonafide ballad.
7). “Jingle Bell Rock” – How can you not sway, sing or even, yes ‘jingle’ to this holiday hit? Next time you hear it, just try!
8). “Baby It’s Cold Outside” – This darling duet is a good excuse to pair up with a partner onstage (& contemplate a cuddle if you dare!).
9). “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” – Whether it’s the classic Bruce version, the old Jackson Five, or the smooth Michael Buble, this one is eternally entertaining.
10). “Santa Baby” – There’s always a girl that wants to vamp with her voluptuous voice to this one and why not, it’s sexy!

It’s nice to see people change up their set list and sing something different. In no time, the festive fever will spread and the joint will be jumping with jovial jingles. Like I said there is a multitude of merry music to choose from, including many I didn’t list, so get on out there and grab a mike & warble a white Christmas or whatever you wish. And whether your Holiday Karaoke includes a refreshing new take on the season or a holiday hug from yuletide yore, hopefully you’ll get a break from being bombarded by the bogus and be left feeling warm and fuzzy inside instead.