The Verdict on Vocal Veterans

Usually, my karaoke blogs revolve around newcomers to this hobby with tips and observations. I’d like to focus this edition on karaoke veterans for a change. Musical mavericks are more than welcome to peruse this passage as well – the more the merrier! First, there is the question of a regular’s routine. If you are a repeat reveler, do you have one? Do you always or often sing the same songs? Many of us find our usual ‘set list’ to be something of a Linus blanket, in that we feel comfortable and confident with how certain verses fit our vocal ability. This is definitely true for me and a great deal of people I know. As for venturing outside your comfort zone, it’s fun to test yourself and tackle a new tune. There’s nothing like the rush of adrenaline when you feel the uncharted territory – butterflies start to attack your tummy on the way up to the stage. The inner smile when you hear the first few notes and know you made the right choice because it’s one of your favorite songs. The nerves generally fade away after the first few lines and you’re feeling the high of adding a new theme song to the soundtrack of your life. Unless… It’s been too long since you have resonated this particular refrain and you misinterpret the tonality. This is an embarrassing but perpetually prevalent circumstance, which you shouldn’t let ruin your night no matter how ‘off’ you think you sounded. No one bats a thousand on any stage and you can either try it another day or

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just fold that little ditty in your ‘better to listen to than sing’ folder. Another cacophonous but common complication that can occur is that the version of the

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song that the KJ has on file is different, slower, or faster than the version you are accustomed to. Sometimes the disparity is disabling and the solo concert becomes an epic fail. Seasoned crooners can recover, or attempt

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to, but it is a road block to the rock that can sadly become a requiem. Ending on a happier note, there has been a recent resurgence for amateurs and experienced karaoke lovers alike in participating in duets. This is one way to inject some excitement into your regular routine. Grab a guy, find a friend or wrangle another warbler and get up there and add some spice to your song. Romantic ballads, classic rock or even a nonsensical number can amuse an audience to no end. Add some dancing to your 2, 3 or 4 person show and you have a complete night of entertainment. It’s a great way to share the sometimes intimidating, always inviting spotlight for the old pro’s and a perfect way to wet your whistle for the newbies.  

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