Resolutions, Seems like a dirty word, doesn’t it?

Definition of resolutions: Promises we seem compelled to make at the beginning of a New Year that will hopefully benefit us or our lives in some way during the coming year. Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with the idea itself, it’s the inevitable guilt that seems to accompany these casual commitments that we cower from. My first rule about resolutions is that there are no rules. That is, no negative rules. My second rule is that there is no deadline. Everyone seems to think they have to decide their resolutions by January 1st. Who says? Sometimes it takes being in the New Year to realize what you would like to do to improve your life. Even more pressure is the time restriction we (or society) put on ourselves to complete these covenants. I have never seen it written anywhere that they have to be done by a certain day or month. By the end

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of the year, I suppose, but that gives you plenty of time. So, karaoke lovers and listeners, these are some fun resolutions for you to engage in if you’re up to the challenge. They aren’t difficult and there aren’t any calamitous repercussions for not following through. Be Proud of yourself1) If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?! If you’ve ever gone to karaoke night, no matter how shy you are, or bad of a singer you’re sure you are, there is a part of you that has always wanted to try at least one song. It’s 3 minutes of your life that you will not regret no matter what happens. Pick an easy song. You’ll be proud of yourself for getting up there and your friends will be impressed that you did. Besides, you can’t forget the words – they’re right there on the monitor! Be a dork karaoke2) Give yourself permission to be a dork. What is the worst that could happen? People who you’re with will laugh at you? Everyone has a geeky side and they will be laughing with you. People you don’t know may laugh? Who cares? Most likely you’ll never see them again and I guarantee you something – they are dorks too. don't care what others think3) For once, don’t care what other people think. This is something I seriously need to work on. I have always cared way too much what other people think and am my own worst critic. People don’t care about our business as much as we think they do and what they do think isn’t nearly as bad as we are imagining. When you finish a song and it’s not the perfect pitch you were going for, give yourself a break. You’re probably the only one who noticed and you most likely sounded way better than you think you did. look up when singing karaoke4) Look up! If you are terminally shy and usually have your eyes transfixed on the screen, try looking around the room for a change while you are singing (If you are afraid that you’ll forget the words, try to memorize at least half a line in advance). I always try to look around as much as I can, but I’m guilty of looking at the words very often as well – even if I know the song by heart. It’s like a safety blanket. Looking up conveys confidence to the audience and will also probably relax you a little when you see that most people are still engaged in their own nights and not completely focused on you! old crooner5) Change can be good. Come outside of your safety zone and try a new tune. A new addition to your arsenal of melodies can be scary, but also refreshing. You may end up hating it, but the chance that it’s your

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new favorite go to song that you can completely kick ass at makes it a risk worth taking. You can also try a new genre completely. Always sing easy listening or ballads? Get up there and rock this time! Usually a hair band song lover? Go crazy and croon some country for something different (no seriously, there are some good country songs). You may find something that fits better with your tonal quality and you’re on to a new karaoke career! Wikipedia states that resolutions are usually a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous. These resolutions may make you a better karaoke stylist or they may just make the experience easier and more fun. Either way, it’s about doing what YOU want to do. And that just may include saying ‘NO’ to resolutions altogether and not feeling a bit of guilt in doing so! Editor’s note: Cindy Starr is a regular contributor and karaoke enthusiast. Your comments and feedback are most welcome too.


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