PlugIN invests $2.5 million in the opening at Gulfstream Park

PlugIN announced today that it has begun work on the establishment of its first US venue, an 11,000+ square foot space at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida. PlugIN’s private Karaoke room experience was founded in 2013 in Tel Aviv, Israel. This milestone marks the Company’s first foray into the US market. The chain currently has five venues in Israel, and is growing rapidly while serving thousands of new and returning guests each month.

The Company’s $2.5 million investment in the expansive complex of South Florida’s premier entertainment destination, Gulfstream Park will include 18 private karaoke rooms, of different sizes, built under the direction of renowned architect Yaron Tal. The venue will be equipped with cutting-edge audio and visual technology and offer a unique multimedia experience with more than 50,000 songs in multiple languages. Guests will be able to enjoy an exclusive in-room fine dining experience, with gourmet culinary options and an extensive wine, beer and cocktail menu.

PlugIN brings a new musical and socially empowering experience in adult and family entertainment. It is a karaoke experience like no other – one that is upscale, luxurious and inviting, where private karaoke rooms offer a safe and relaxing environment, ideal for socializing and entertaining.

PlugIN’s Founder and CEO, Oded Golan, stated “PlugIN has been recognized as an exciting and innovative entertainment concept by hundreds of thousands of clients, as well as investors and the media. We are thrilled to be launching the next big thing in entertainment, with our first branch in the beautiful cosmopolitan area of Miami, where we think people of all ages and backgrounds will enjoy our unique music experience with their friends, families and co-workers.” When asked about PlugIN’s future expansion plans, Mr. Golan added, “We are currently examining several US markets and are expecting to open up additional franchising opportunities in the next six months.”

Michael Fucheck, General Counsel of the Stronach Group parent company of Gulfstream Park, added in a statement, “We are pleased to welcome PlugIN to the Gulfstream family. PlugIN will be a fun and exciting destination for our visitors – adults and families alike, and a unique addition to Gulfstream Park’s vibrant entertainment landscape. It all ties in with our mission of constantly pushing the envelope and offering our customers the latest in world-class shopping, dining and entertainment.”