National Karaoke Week

Unless you are a die-hard fan of Karaoke or read blogs like this one, you probably did not realize that the week of April 19-25th is National Karaoke Week!   I just Google’d it and yes, it even appears on the list of Bizarre and Unique Holidays for the month of April on websites such as According to,  National Karaoke Week is an observance marked by contests and special events across the USA and abroad.

So how are we going to recognize this special week here in South Florida?  We, (meaning I) at have decided to crowd-source help from all of our Facebook friends to update the hundreds of listing we have on our calendar, some of which have not been updated in a year while others are as fresh as last week.

Every day this week, we’ll summarize and tag every venue listed that offers karaoke in Broward and Palm Beach Counties, from Hollywood all the way up to Boynton Beach.  We’ll then sit back and wait for the “crowd” aka Facebook friends to chime in with their comments.  Nobody knows better which venues are still in business or which ones are still offering karaoke at all than our friends on Facebook, right?

If you are one them, be sure  to check my timeline all of this week, and help out wherever you can to keep our calendar up to date – all in the name of National Karaoke Week.