Karaoke at The Dive BarI’ve mentioned in previous blogs how

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important it is not to let anyone see you sweat. This is true with most things in life when you are in front of a crowd. People who don’t know you rarely root for you – it’s more like vultures waiting for the fragile vittle. If you aren’t a natural extrovert or used to performing in public, this isn’t something that you can fearlessly flip on like a switch. It is definitely easy to turn a simple fluster into an epic fail, but here are some tips on how to perpetuate that perfect pitch (almost) every time. 1). Practice makes perfect. This isn’t just an old saying, it really is true! Select suitable songs for your voice. Do you labor on the lows and have to hurdle for the highs? Stay away from songs that are not natural for your particular tone. Master the melody and make sure you can feel the rhythm. Download the song(s) you choose on your ipod or phone and rehearse them religiously. Recording yourself and playing it back is also uber useful & will help you to identify any substandard spots. Cody at The Dive Bar2). Be Savvy with your singing style. Concentrate on using the correct muscles. Singing is very physical and requires a source of power within you. Correct breathing through your diaphragm is crucial. Be aware of your posture and push your feet firmly into the floor and support your body as if you are lifting something heavy. Although it may seem like an accustomed reflex to raise your chin while singing, try instead to to keep it lower and position your head over the microphone.

Maintaining a relaxed neck, face and jaw results in a more resonant tone. Karaoke at The Dive Bar3). Actually try to feel the words and think about what you are singing. If you are singing about teenage angst in your 40’s or your last 3 divorces in your 20’s you may not be very convincing. Whether you are reading the lyrics or have memorized them, simply singing them will bore your audience. You need to communicate with them by telling a story and showing that you believe the words you are belting out. On the other hand, it’s a balance: over emoting can lead to an affectatious performance that can border on obnoxious or comical.

The Dive Bar Karaoke4). It’s not you! Flubs are not always your fault. Some people may roll their eyes when they hear someone blame it on the microphone or monitor, but it can be true! Many times KJ’s have the microphone turned up so loud that you start your song only to find you are screaming at the room. Make sure you test it by tapping it and telling your host if it is too loud. Song selection is key as well. It is an unfortunate yet common occurrence that the monitor will either have the words scrolling by too quickly/slowly or (yikes!) have the wrong words altogether! This is embarrassing! Fishtales Karaoke5). Don’t feed your fears. Find the calming course for you and use it. Do you need to picture the audience naked? Go ahead (although you may laugh while singing)! If you need to write down everything that could go wrong and see that none of it happened after singing to tame your next turn, that’s okay too! 6). Give it all you got! Live out your rock star or singing sensation fantasies! One thing you don’t want to ever do: apologize to the audience. Once you are up there, show confidence with any of your choices. Dance, have fun, go for it! Remember, no matter what happens, own it! If you sense you stink, so will they, but if you are having fun, so will they! Instead of 12 steps, think of it as a 6 step program for karaoke singers. What’s the worst that can

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happen? You don’t hit every note and sound like over 90% of the other singers? No, that’s not that bad. Just sitting and not trying? That’s the worst. So get over your fears and grow some karaoke cajones!


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