Jan 232014
Drinking water at bar

Drinking water at barDo you attend Karaoke shows and believe that you are helping out just by showing up? If you are not ordering any food or beverages, you might be doing your favorite KJ, a dis-service. While it is true

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that getting as many people to show up for a night of Karaoke can make for a better show, the question at the end of the night for the venue will be how much “ring” did the cash register actually register! I have seen it many times – people have a drink or

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two before they leave home, have some hidden in their vehicles or worst, sneak airplane sized bottles into venues. Sure, they save money, but doesn’t it defeat the purpose of venues arranging a night of Karaoke in the first place? If you show up to a restaurant, fresh from dinner, you are less likely to order any food and possibly even too full to drink anything but water. You might have a good time and enjoy your night of Karaoke, but are you possibly giving the owner a reason to discontinue Karaoke nights by not leaving much for the venue to pay the KJ? Now, I get the fact that drinks can get expensive and maybe you don’t want to order dinner or appetizers at 10 or 11 at night, but unless there is an admission fee, the restaurant or bar has to justify the expense. I know some people will ask me is “If I am broke, should I just stay home?” My opinion is that we have a pretty fair system in place. If you can afford to buy premium drinks AND give the servers and maybe even the KJ extremely nice tips, go for it! If, on the other hand, you are struggling to stay afloat, either buy something such as a draft beer or soft drink that won’t set you back more then a few bucks or, I hate to say it…. STAY HOME. Cheering on KaraokeIs it good enough to order tap water and leave a decent tip? The answer is “No!” The venue will not count tips towards the revenue needed to pay the KJ at the end of the night. If you do not want to drink an alcoholic beverage and just want water – perhaps you could order a premium bottle of water? Venues will not usually refuse customers a cup of tap-water, however, they WILL remember how many karaoke-fans order it when it comes time to re-evaluating the entertainment which they select for their patrons week after week. Have you ever heard of the Principle of Nonmaleficence or Primum non nocere? It is roughly translated as “first, do no harm”. Nonmaleficence means that if one cannot do good without also causing harm, then

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sound mean of me, I am sure that my thoughts will ring true with many a bar or restaurant owner to tell you to either bring your wallet, a friend who will treat you, or your favorite night of karaoke may disappear . Now, get out there and sing your heart out!