Crowded, Cozy or Does Size Matter?

Do you like being in the spotlight? Up on a stage in front of tens of people that you don’t know? Many people don’t. A select few crave it and another piece of the pie will at least try it once. It takes guts, there is no denying that. You either have the confidence, or like me, you “fake it ‘till you make it”. As far as karaoke is concerned, there are usually two different magnitudes of being in the spotlight; 1) A large heavily populated venue that usually houses a fairly ambitious stage, or 2) A small, intimate watering hole with either a single-step stage or more simply, a little corner with a microphone stand. After cowering in a shy little corner for the majority of my childhood, I suddenly became extroverted in my 20’s. Before then, you couldn’t catch me in the smallest public cubbyhole doing anything close to singing. Now I actually compensate by seeking the spotlight, whether I’m dancing, enjoying a live band or performing on karaoke night. This is why it’s surprising that I prefer the more modest haunts to exercise my vocal

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chords. I would love to be able to successfully croon for a large group of people on a stage that towers over my tallest friends. But alas, my talent is limited. There are inadequate singers, average singers and amazing singers. I consider myself average, but knowing the

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class of your ability is much better than the clueless (but usually entertaining) many who mutilate a melody without even realizing it. I have tried some highly congested canteens and it is the biggest rush if you know you conquered a chorus or two. Ignorance

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is not an option, unfortunately, as the audience is almost always soul crushingly honest. They either clap or they don’t – it’s that simple. Sure, they may be busy drinking, smoking or talking, but when you hear nothing but deafening silence, it’s usually a sign that your song sank with the crowd. That’s what makes a modest little haunt so appealing. It feels safer to sing when you know you’re not being judged by a huge group of people. If you tank, you’re not on display high above everyone and have to take the walk of shame down the steps back to your table. On the other hand, if you are not well received, it is glaringly obvious, I suppose, because there are only a few people to applaud (or not to applaud, as it may be). Still, I love the safety of being able to see all of my friends, and judges alike. There are still lights on me, but I’m not up on a pedestal that is higher to fall off of. The patrons are often friendlier as well and will often high-five you or give you a compliment on the way back to your seat. So you pick… crowded, cozy, or does size really matter?

4 thoughts on “Crowded, Cozy or Does Size Matter?”

  1. Perhaps size is directly correlated with security? The more secure you are with your singing, the more you crave the larger audience?

  2. Kudos, Cindy. You have touched on a subject we all (including myself) have thought about when choosing a venue to sing for the evening. Interestingly enough, like a craving for a particular food, a favorite type of venue may also change depending on the situation, friends desires, shy to try a new song or ready for the big stage to show off your great efforts. In this Karaoke world of trial & error I believe THAT is the rush! Jumping out of your comfort zone. Changing venue styles and trying new songs in unfamiliar places; front of unfamiliar faces large or small. As a host, one bit of advice I can give is to be yourself & have fun with it! The audience will usually mirror what they see.

  3. All true, but the best is when you build a large following of singers of all talent levels who think they are a small crowd! Me, I’m kind of a perfectionist – I enjoy the song and the art it represents so I try to bring a lot into it, but its really all about the fun! Good Music, Great Sound, and people who won’t boo too much please!

  4. i really dont have the confidence either, but when im asked to do a duo with my favorite gf im there. she makes me feel like we are great singers!


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