Oct 102013
Cindy and Mark

Cindy and MarkGuys, would you take a girl to sing or watch karaoke on a first date? Girls, would you want to be taken to a karaoke night for your first date? As with most things in life, there are pro’s and cons to be considered. I was actually surprised by the positive comments about this ice breaking idea

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when I did my research. At first thought, it sounds like a completely cursed concept. How can you get to know someone with people rockin’,

rappin’, country croonin’ or belting a pathetic ballad? Well, my painstaking probe turned up pretty good points for both sides of this engrossing argument. PRO: 1). Frugal first date: Most karaoke nights are held at bars or restaurants with no cover charge and there is no valuation to vocalize. At the most, the cost will be a couple of drinks a-piece for liquid courage and to smooth out the sharp edges that can accompany an introductory outing. Men’s Fitness magazine lists Karaoke as one of the best first date ideas under $15. 2). Impress with your singing success:

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If you are a talented performer, this opportunity presents a choice chance to wow him or her. And if you

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can’t hold a tune at all, it might not be that bad of an idea to humiliate yourself just a little. A humble moment shows that you are human and can provide a good ice-breaking laugh. It can also make for a sincerely sweet story to tell your grandkids someday. 3). Getting acquainted: Karaoke is a great way to get the ball rolling. Just being in the audience can provide a colorful & sometimes comical

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conversation starter. A duet can also ease the tension, but make sure that you ask the person & not put them on the spot. Witnessing entertainment and being part of the entertainment are two vastly different things. 4). Introducing Romance. If you do decide to go the duet route, singing a sappy song can add the amour to the air. Choosing the right one is the tough part: you don’t want to overdo the romance on a first date. “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin is a top favorite on It is a fitting choice, since it is sung from the perspective of a couple on a first date adventure. Sure it’s cheesy, but fun. “Don’t You Want Me Baby” and “Islands in

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the Stream” are also hard to mess up & entertainingly interactive. The winner though is “Summer Nights” – very overdone but for a good reason – it’s guaranteed gratification! CONS: 1). Increased Awkwardness: If the man or woman gets up to sing and bombs miserably, it will probably make the other half of the party uncomfortable. This is especially true if the singer actually thinks they are good. You also don’t want to drag someone you just met up there or pressure them if it’s not their thing. According to one article and a few on, karaoke is an epic dating fail (although not every bad karaoke experience will include stripping or belting out a racist song). 2). Environment: Karaoke bars can be loud, crowded, smoky and fit into the ‘dive bar’ category sometimes as well. Make sure that your date knows where you are going so she can dress accordingly and to see if she has a problem with second hand smoke. 3). Antithesis of romance? It is’s opinion that karaoke is not conducive to romance. The voracious volume can be counterproductive to conversation, which is a necessary factor for a first date. Between the loud music itself, televisions, intense intoning and chatting patrons, getting to know each other can be almost impossible. Compared to an intimate dinner, this option may be just too caustically casual. For every blog/article (, etc..) that touts the disadvantages of this date destination, there are many (, – yes, these are real websites!) that consider it to be the perfect plan. What do you think?